Friday, 20 May 2016

Fused Glass Pendants

These little 'buttons' were from fired pieces that I cut up and refired

Thursday, 19 May 2016


I first took a workshop in warm glass fusing (the proper stuff :) ) - and started to do some research on using a microwave kiln, so I could melt some glass at home - just for fun! I definitely got hooked, and am really still experimenting to see what the different types of glass do.

This isn't a toy - so dont let children near to it, as it gets EXTREMELY hot. You definitely need the special heat-proof gloves, which come with the starter kit.Also, I would advise using a separate (basic 700-800 w.) micro for glass fusing, and not use the same one for food.  You need to use either special firing shelf paper or fibre paper underneath the glass you are melting, and this creates dust.

I'm fairly haphazard and dont really time pieces, just take a peek to see whether they're done.  So far, it hasn't worked too badly.  Here are some of my beginner's efforts ...............

these are the 'proper' pieces I made in the Workshop

this Fuseworks kit comes with various glass pieces, and everything you would need as a beginner
 - good way to start
under fire! (peeking only - NO TOUCHING!)
first efforts .........
 well - I'm now addicted! so lots more to come ...........