Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Decals and Glass Fusing in the Microwave Kiln

sheet of decals.
Decals are like kids transfers, they come on a printed sheet,
you cut them, soak them for a few seconds, remove the backing paper
and slide them on to your already fully-fired glass piece.
You can use a soft haired paintbrush or tissue to gently position them into place.  (Taking off some of the excess water too.)  Let them dry.

Firing decals is a little tricky - they need to be fired low and slow, but once fired,
you can zap up the heat just for a short spurt.
Trial and error seems to work!
Some decals come with a thin paper top 'cover' which has to be carefully peeled off.

With the Insect piece, I placed a small piece of clear confetti glass on top and refired it - this did seem to save time, but I found the firing schedule a bit hit and miss to give instructions.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Puddles & Millifiori

Puddles are made by placing little shards in a pile, and firing them.
The top left is also a Puddle, the blue is a sparkly glass on dark green, 
and the two below are millefiori on clear.
The Puddles are lovely to make, as you have no idea how they will turn out -
it's magic!